This tip was suggested by Shooterontheline, and is a great suggestion.

Most of you probably view the threads and posts here and other sites using the "Linear Mode".......... That's where each post in a thread has a separate block or window with each response to the original post.

There are actually two additional modes that you can view threads in:

* Hybrid Mode
* Threaded Mode

Those might actually become very helpful for you when trying to find a specific reply to your thread, or to someone other member's thread.

So, how do you change from one mode to the other, so that you can see how they work?

Click on someone's thread, choose one, for now, with lots of replies.
On the gray bar, just below their TITLE for the thread, wayyyyyy over to the right of that gray bar, you will see a link, "Display"...

Click that!

It will come up as "Linear Mode" because that's the site's default view. It's what you are used to seeing when you read this forum.

Click on "Switch to hybrid mode" , and then scroll down through the posts. They become more condensed, and might make replies easier to find.

The, click on "Switch to threaded mode".. That presents a slightly different view of the thread and replies.

One of those Display views will be to your liking, and as the single THREAD gets longer and longer and longer and longer, it will make your life easier in terms of finding what you're looking for.

Thank you, Shooterontheline, for the tip suggestion.

I'd like to be able to allow the members who create a thread to be able to delete replies from within the thread that they "own", but we're not quite there yet. That would also help keep the threads shorter. But, for now, maybe the DISPLAY tip will simplify life at ABT....

If anyone else has a tip, suggestion, request, or otherwise, please PM me.