Where have all the posts gone????

Beginning Sunday, November 15th, 2015, you will be allowed ONE THREAD in this area.

It is expected that you will edit your thread, to keep up with your:
  • Trade Requests
  • Current Trades available

I suggest that you use the title, "My Trades" when posting. Those of you with an existing post, should change the existing post title.

I have deleted all but the current first page of threads. From this point forward, any additional threads from the same person will be deleted.

REPEATING: Please edit your existing threads to reflect your currently available trades, your trade requests, or if you trade off everything that you had, edit the thread, and replace the post with the words, "Nothing to Trade at this time"... but leave the thread open, do not close any threads. You'll need to be able to get back into your thread to re-edit when you do have trades. It is the FIRST post in your thread that needs to get edited. That is the ONLY place where any brass for trade should get listed. Do not post additional brass for trade in subsequent posts in your thread. Only in the very first post!!

I am a member of many other forums where this format works quite well, and everyone seems to like the cleaner, less cluttered format.

I attempted to merge some threads on the remaining first page. You might want to clean those up a bit, following the new format. I don't care how long any one thread becomes, it's just one thread per person. And, use editing to keep the thread up to date with your trades and trade requests.

No one will get banned for breaking this one, unless any one gets unruly. Only the multiple threads from any one person will get deleted.

The TRADES ONLY format has been going well. Only trades of reloadable cartridge brass is allowed. No tools, gun parts, or items which are not cartridge cases. And, NO OUTRIGHT OFFERS OF SALE brass is allowed. This site is for trading only, and has functioned well for trades for a long time now.

If you want to sell brass, please visit our sister site: castboolits.gunloads.com
You'll have to meet their requirements in order to sell brass there. But, no sales here, only trades.

Please do NOT put your email address in the public forum, for any reason. If I see any email addresses, I will delete those email address quickly. You have been warned. The spam bots will attack, and we can't/won't allow that here. A couple of newer members have been pushing the envelope, and I'm dealing with those people quickly. NO OUTRIGHT SALES OF ANYTHING ON THIS SITE. This is a trade site only. Any references to $$$ for anything will get deleted. Thank you to all who are using this site properly. I hope you won't find the new thread format too cumbersome.

If there's anything I can do to make the ammobrasstrader site better for you, let me know via PM.