Well another great site is going away. What a bummer. The owner/admin for this site is closing down this November. Here comes the rant. As an old guy I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a firearm that is made from metal/wood. These days if it isn't black plastic and cheap, then it receives no attention. I'm sick and tired of yet another Glock clone. I'm glad to see the High Power making a come back, also Rock Island's STK100 is interesting with an all aluminum frame. Really glad to see Colt bringing back some classic revolvers. I hope this becomes a trend. I'm so sick of yet another plastic piece of poop. Have to admit I own a few plastic firearms. But they are not favorites. Ok, now I feel better, thanks. Feel free to disagree.

BTW, this site is for sale... I could find out what he wants... Convert it to a brass trading site. Since the owner/admin here is AWOL.