View Full Version : Looking for brass

02-06-2023, 10:35 PM
3-28-23 I need a few pieces of 450 Bushmaster for some experiments; 3 or 4 if anyone has these and would part with them. My list below still stands with trade items.

Its been a long time and I thought this forum was dead. I am glad to have found it.

I am looking for a quantity of:
350 Remington Magnum brass
8mm Remington Magnum brass
30 Remington AR (not to be confused with the 30 Remington)
338-06 A-Square

I have lots of brass to trade:
308 Winchester
35 Remington
6mm Remington
7mm Mauser
44 Remington Magnum
357 Magnum
30 Carbine

Let me know what you have
Thanks for looking