My reloading set-up is in the garage. It is west facing and gets pretty hot in the Summer which discourages me from doing much reloading. Add in a one-year old and there isn't much time to sit in the garage doing anything. I have some brass that has needed to be deprimed for a while. I recently ordered the Harvey hand deprimer in the hope that I can use it indoors where it is cooler and I can keep an eye on my son. Surprisingly, it arrived today, so I tried it out while watching football. It worked well, though my short fingers make it a little harder to use. Also, if a flash hole has debris stuck in it or if the primer anvil has moved around it can be difficult to get the depriming rod to fully seat in the flash hole. This keeps the case from entering the slot in the handle and the tool won't close thus not removing the primer.