Since we are now officially enforcing the rules that were set forth some time ago, I feel it important to have those rules right up front. And, I have made it a locked sticky thread, so that it will remain available for all to see.


Based on previous discussions:

We all seemed to agree that AUCTION type sales of brass should not allowed here. So, no auction type sales.

We all seemed to agree that outright sales of brass should not be allowed here. Cash might be needed to balance a trade, either for postage considerations, or to balance an otherwise lopsided trade. As long as the primary focus of the deal is a trade, it's good. No outright sales.

If you want to sell brass or other goods, is the better place.

Reloading dies, molds, sizers, etc...... those would be better handled at "Selling and Swapping" area. This ABT site is all about trading BRASS.

Discussions in the General Chit Chat area should be limited to discussion about brass, and related subjects. Political discussions, tirades, and general non-related discussions won't be welcome here. Castboolits has a wonderful forum for venting off steam, discussing all sorts of extraneous things, etc. No political discussions, no venting here....

Due to the tight nature of the focus for this forum, we feel that we have already provided sufficient forum areas to handle the business at hand: Trading Brass. However, if you feel that any new areas might be helpful, please let us know.

Off topic posts or posts which break rules will risk modification or deletion. We'll warn posters a few times until rules get solidified in everyone's minds. Then, we will start handing out infractions. Too many of those will lead to banishment. I hope we don't ever get that far. The folks who are here to trade brass are serious about that. Let's keep it on that straight and narrow TRADING path.