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Ready on the right
04-12-2018, 09:31 PM
99 pcs unfired Remington 6.5 Rem mag brass, most primed, bullets were pulled from new factory rounds, all in original Remington boxes.

100 pcs new old stock Weatherby .240 weatherby mag unprimed, unfired brass in original vintage boxes.

50 pcs once fired Weatherby .340 wby mag brass.

39 pcs .338 Win mag, believed once fired, mixed HS, mixed brass and nickle.

12 pcs Rem 7mm STW once fired.

16 rounds Winchester 7mm WSM expedition polymer tip factory loaded rounds.

29 pcs Winchester nickle .300 WSM once fired brass.

11 rounds Federal nickle 300 H&H mag factory loaded PSP rounds.

79 pcs assorted HS, mixed nickle/brass once fired .300 H&H brass.

123 pcs assorted once fired and unfired, primed Weatherby .300 wby mag brass.

6.5x55 once fired or new
25-06 once fired or new
7x57 once fired or new
7.62x39 once fired or new
7.62x54R once fired or new
.257 Roberts once fired or new