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Fred Wahl
01-14-2017, 12:10 PM
Hey, All, I've updated my lists, all cases are deprimed and cleaned:
Handgun Calibers:
5.7X28 FN +35
.32 H&R Magnum +39
.380 ACP +125
9MM Makarov +16
.44 Spl. +44
.44 Magnum +9
.45 G.A.P. +38
Rifle Calibers:
.243 Win. +1
.270 Win. +12
.270 Weatherby Magnum +6
7 MM Magnum +5
.300 Win. Magnum +2
.308 Win. +10
7.62X39 +2
I need: 7.62X25 Tokarev, .45 Auto Rim, and .45 ("Long") Colt.

01-14-2017, 02:15 PM
I was told you shouldn't clean the FN 5.7 brass because it has a special coating on the outside that will get damaged unless you use an ultra sonic cleaner.

Fred Wahl
01-15-2017, 05:02 PM
Hey, Joe,
I haven't seen any info to that effect, but do notice that the 5.7 brass has a weird greenish color to it, and therefore have not tumble polished any of it-- I also have a Sonic cleaner, so if someone wants to trade for it, I have that base covered. (Bought it in Harbor Freight, and also bought the correct cleaner fluid and distilled water--)
At any rate, I don't clean any of my trade brass until it's ready to be shipped, why waste the energy for brass that may never be traded? It also dulls after polishing, if it is not used soon after polishing, especially here in Florida's humidity.
Cheers, and Happy New Year!

01-21-2017, 05:57 AM
Joe is correct.

Those who reload the 5.7's get all uppity if anyone has polished the 5.7's in any way. The plastic coating is critical to case removal from the chamber, after firing.

I use the 5.7's as donor jackets for making .308" (30 caliber) jacketed bullets. When I process the brass, we anneal totally at 800+ degrees (F), which burns the coating off. I then SS and ceramic pin tumble the brass to get it clean and shiny. Yesterday, I completed just under 2,000 pcs of 150 grain .308's for use in 300 Blackout. I have another 750 that will also become 168 grain bullets for my M1A ( 308 Win).


If you would be willing to consider the 5.7's as a donation, I would be happy to pay the postage. I don't have anything that you need as a trade.

01-11-2019, 09:42 PM
I have 150 rds .45 Auto Rim I would trade for your .44 brass. 75 ea .45AR for your 60 .44; and 20 more for your .308 Win.