View Full Version : Wanted 243 brass

12-21-2015, 07:48 PM
Looking for 243
Let me know what you are in need of and let's trade

12-22-2015, 05:58 AM
Somehow when I came home from the range yesterday, I had a .243 case in my empties. Only one! :rolleyes:

12-22-2015, 08:24 PM
160 pcs, pickups, mixed HS obviously. Deprimed and SS Cleaned.

Looking for 30-40 Krag, 444 Marlin, Any Weatherby brass, 220 Swift, 22 Hornet, 25 ACP(checked for boxer), 218 BEE, others you can PM me. Not interested in any pistol brass except the 25 ACP or other "common" rifle calibers....30-30, 308, 3006, 223, etc.

Quantities dependent on caliber....PM me with questions.

01-28-2019, 09:44 AM
Have 60 rds of 243, need 8x57 Mauser and other?

01-28-2019, 06:05 PM
hate to break it to you Oseola, he hasnt been logged into the site since jan 2016